Student Entrepreneurship Course


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A device open to students based in Albi

Within the Tarn'up initiative, the student entrepreneurship course is open to all students from the Tarn region and more particularly from Albi. The program gives access to the coworking zone of the innovation space.


The phases of the course

The national status of Entrepreneur-Student allows students to be immersed in the world of entrepreneurship. This course boosts the student's business creation project. Budding entrepreneurs are accompanied by an academic tutor and an industrial mentor.

The entrepreneur-student gains experience and eventually becomes an entrepreneur:

  • By participating in training workshops and events on entrepreneurship.
  • By getting support from experts and professionals in business creation

To join the Student Entrepreneurship Course:

  • Registration on the national website SNEE
  • Agreement of the school to carry out the course (availability, motivation and ability to follow the course)
  • Course integration

At the end of the course, students can request that their compulsory internship be converted into a period of business creation in order to make their project a reality. With or without creation, students who have followed this course show great maturity and take a relevant critical look at the functioning of the company.


Entrepreneur-Student status

Integrating the course