AeroMat Innovation


Aerospace Materials Design, Manufacturing & Innovation Management

Type of diploma: National Master's Degree

Entry requirement: Bachelor's Degree

Fields: aeronautics, spatial, materials, management

In partnership with: Institut Mines-Télécom Business School

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aeromat english 0619, par csuderie


  • The economic success of actors in the aerospace industry strongly depends on the ability of companies to develop management strategies for research and development, technology transfer and optimization of the overall manufacturing process.


    This is a strategic issue in the highly competitive sector of the production of materials and structures for aerospace applications. Technologically, tomorrow’s engineers will develop multiphysics and multi-scale approaches adapted to generate innovation where it will emerge, at the crossroads of scientific disciplines.

    In terms of management, they will be able to deploy methodologies and implement complex and global organizational processes integrating a multi-cultural dimension to anticipate and accompany the changes due to an ambitious industrial innovation policy.


    Testimony AeroMat-Innovation IMT Mines Albi, par csuderie


    Admission requirements

    Participants must hold a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of engineering (aerospace, materials, mechanical) or sciences (physics, chemistry, mechanics). Participants holding a first experience in industry are also welcome.

    English language requirements

    •  Mother tongue or
    •  Bachelor’s degree taught in English or
    •  English test such as TOEFL IBT 80, IELTS 6.0, TOEIC 750,
    • Cambridge CAE.

    No prerequisite in French, but TEF II or equivalent may be required to obtain a visa.

  • Consult the detailed program of teaching units 

    The program is composed of 4 teaching units including an integrated and global approach addressing the specificity of the aerospace industrial sector, the materials science and mechanical engineering and the business and innovation management. Skills and competencies acquired will be used for the master thesis in industry or research.

    Aerospace engineering

    •  Market, technical and economical analysis
    •  Architecture, structure and performance of airplanes, launchers and satellites
    •  Aerospace project management, quality management, certification and environment rules for sustainable development
    •  Aerodynamics and flight dynamics
    •  Manufacturing
    •  Space techniques and materials in space environment
    •  Innovation in aerospace

    Materials science and mechanical engineering

    •  Strategy for selecting & tailoring materials
    •  Modelling & simulation in mechanics of materials
    •  Physical properties of materials
    •  Additive manufacturing
    •  Advanced manufacturing processes
    •  Diagnostic and control of materials & structures
    •  Microsystems
    •  Surface engineering
    •  Laboratory work

    Innovation management

    •  Principles of management (introduction, business simulation, multidisciplinary team management, soft skills learning, international negotiation)
    •  Innovation management (R&T, technology competition models, technology intelligence, organisation & tools, scientific and technological partnership, innovation measure & metrics, intellectual properties, rights & strategy, technology intelligence with patents)
    •  Project management (designing innovation project, response to competitive call for tender, press review)
    •  Business management (strategy, value chain, firm network, human resources management, intercultural management, business ethics, supply chain management)

    MSc Thesis

    •  6-month MSc thesis in industry and/or research laboratory (France or international)
  • Career opportunities

    •  R & T Operations Manager
    •  Junior Project manager
    •  Lean Management Officer
    •  Engineer / Consultant Intellectual Property
    •  Engineer with client, supplier and/or research laboratories interfaces
    •  Project procurement/purchasing
    •  Engineer / Consultant Technology Watch
    •  Engineer / Consultant – valuation/technology transfer