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IDEFI DEFI Diversity, a project to: Deploy Excellence in Engineering Training, through and for DIVERSITY. These jointly-run schemes aim to adapt teaching practice to the diversity of the student body and to develop the skills expected by the social and economic world.


DEFI Diversity is one of the 37 labelled "Initiatives of excellence in innovative training" (IDEFI) of the Investments of the Future programme

Initiated in 2012, the scheme aims mainly to adapt teaching practice to the diversity of the student body to meet the expectations of the social and economic world. This project is led by INP Toulouse, INSA Toulouse, ISAE - SUPAERO and IMT Mines Albi.

In the context of the IDEFI project, booklets have been produced on examples of “intercultural” arrangements at partner schools:

Impact at IMT Mines Albi

  • Teacher training for new teachers Some topics: active teaching, information technology in teaching, course design, evaluation (particularly of skills), learning styles, learners’ biorhythms, etc.

  • Educational advisors (2 at IMT Mines Albi)

  • Active teaching rooms (2 in operation, 4 under construction)

  • Improved student mobility between partner institutions (for the final year of study)

  • DEFI Diversity bonuses: financial support for the creation of modules or measures that improve responses to student diversity, for example through aiding “active” teaching, especially differentiated teaching, and/or developing our students’ intercultural awareness.  2  awards in 2016, 5 awards in 2018

In 2016

Rebecca Bonnaire : (Very) active teaching scenario for training engineers on the work-study programme

How to teach a subject considered to be difficult to a very diverse group of learners. Communication to 'PédagoTICE' symposium

Etienne Copin : “Strengthening the pedagogical alignment of an advanced course in English on Additive manufacturing in a context of mutualization for student engineers and international master students of IMT Mines Albi.”

How to get student engineers and international students to work together on a common project to address a novel set of problems.


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