Lecture by Pierre Moorkens

18 September 2018

Ex-entrepreneur, speaker, passionate of Human & Founder of The Neurocognitivism Institute

'How do we detect, develop and satisfy our hidden talents?'

Neurosciences unveil the driving forces and the constraints on their development.

Tuesday, september 18th
7:00 pm

IMT Mines Albi
Lecture Hall

Taught in french



What do we know about ourselves as long as we don't know our brain working? The brain that takes more than 5000 decisions per day and that is subjected to our feelings, certainties, and beliefs of our environments.

How do we personalize and free from what blocks our well-being and our personnal impetus to complete successfully what we care about? It depends from a wide knowledge of ourself through the human functioning, validated by neurosciences and biology.


Pierre Moorkens

Pierre Moorkens, by csuderie

More about Pierre Moorkens

Creator of fifteen companies involved in many associations, NGOs and Foundations, Pierre Moorkens is a contractor to the original route, which has put into practice its humanist values in each of its functions.
His commitment to the human service is motivated by a vision of society that some would describe as utopia but he wants it to be . 
This vision is to provide and disseminate the means to act in conscience.

In this regard, he is convinced that the approach Neurocognitive and Behavioral (CNA) developed by the EMI may allow everyone to BE BETTER, BETTER LIVING and  BETTER WORK . 

The results of 30 years of pure, clinical and applied research that reveals today the sides of brain substrates mechanisms that guide, booste and inhibit our thoughts.