Educational dynamics at IMT Mines Albi: the smart mornings


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At IMT Mines Albi, the Smart Mornings (Matins Malins) offer an opportunity for all who teach here, whether permanent staff or external consultants, PhD students or researchers, to meet up once a month to share their teaching experiences.
One hour, one subject, one speaker, one debate, followed by a detailed and widely-distributed report - such is the format chosen for highlighting and developing educational initiatives at IMT Mines Albi.
Around a coffee-croissant, teachers debate their teaching experiences and the innovations they are implementing, provide inspiration for each other and igniting enthusiasm, thus ensuring cross-pollination of new ideas.
The objective? Student success: learning, learning to learn, learning what you don’t know, learning to distinguish relevance, learning to mobilise resources.

2017/2018 : 4th year of Smart Mornings
  • On 1st December 2017, "Boost your risk management" with François Marmier


  • On 15th March 2018, “Median 2018: a new harvest” … of discoveries, during the IMT’s Pedagogical Winter School: Lénaïc Pineau, Quentin Govignon, Simon Eibner and François Marmier provoked lively exchanges around topics like “Motivating your students”, “Using learning styles”, “Inciting questions galore”, and much more.


  • On 5th June 2018, “All flavours of Campus”… or how our colleagues Didier Gourc and Antoine Clément, Louis Adam and Luc Penazzi exploit the potential of Moodle, before, during and after classes.
2016/2017 : Smart Mornings is 3 years old...
  • On 7th November 2016, "Teaching here and over there: the great divide?" by Ange Nzihou, who shared with us his experience of teaching international students in their own countries (China, Ireland, USA, etc.)

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  •  On 31st January 2017, “Median 2017: clearing the land to sow motivation”: 5 colleagues took part in a teaching seminar of the Mines Telecom Institute, and shared choice nuggets with us. 


  • On 27th April 2017, 18th Smart Morning, “Fluidifying fluid  mechanics”, where Mouna El Hafi used an e-learning sequence with video and peer expertise to help students grasp the concept of the Bernouilli equation.


  • On 5th May 2017, 19th Smart Morning, “You’ll never leave the Doc empty-handed”, or how the Documentation Centre helps students to go from “It says here…” to “My info is reliable because...”


  • On 26th May 2017, 20th Smart Morning, “The Swiss army knife to discuss sciences, techniques, patents… smart or not?” Michel Falempe uses patent document research to raise students’ awareness of “collaborative transversality”

2015/2016 : 2nd year of Smart Mornings…

  • On  13th May 2016, "Draw me a Master’s, please” by Gérard Bernhardt , who presented the construction of an international Master’s course and what he learnt from it.

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  • On 18th March 2016, "Median, the return" or, for the second year running, our key witnesses to active learning shared what they learnt with us, for the  benefit of all our students.


  • On 4th February 2016, Elise Vareilles and her students, Robin Debru and Quentin Jobert, presented "Think robot, act Lego®", more than just a game…

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  • On 17the December 2015, "I have, you have, we have… intakes of international students", or where internationalism reaches our classrooms, with Rosalia Prud'homme, teacher of French as a foreign language.

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2014/2015 :  1 year of Smart Mornings

  • 1 year of Smart Mornings: how do you feel about it, and where do we go from here? This was the theme just before the summer, for a creative and recreational session around the birthday cake.

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  • 'Memories from the trenches in the Great War' Course evaluation, with Hervé Pingaud on Friday 29th May.

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  • Thursday 2nd April 2015, Vincent Velay and Michel Baron on using MCQs on Moodle:  who for, why and how?

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  • Tuesday 24th February 2015, Talk by Jean-Charles Chaudemar, research fellow at ISAE: "Teaching in English, he’s done it… Why, how and who to ?"

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  • Thursday 5th February 2015, the six participants at Median, the IMT’s winter school for teaching, shared their enthusiasm: "Median, or where teachers become learners again...", a full agenda!

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  • … and for Christmas 2014, a first appreciation of the road travelled so far together in our Smart Mornings…

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  • On Friday 12th December 2014, Christine Arancet showed us the power of peer evaluation in creating CVs. She also got us to knuckle down and work!

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  • Thursday 13th November 2014 in front of around 30 colleagues, Smart Mornings’ 4th episode saw Sébastien Truptil describing how he offered his students “something else to do” instead of listening to his lecture...: a PBL exercise!

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  • A third Smart Morning brought us together on 16th October 2014 in the company of  Katja Auffret to face up to our fears about speaking a foreign language: "Dare to do it, make mistakes and above all... go for it and speak!"

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  • On 16th September 2014, Martial Sauceau, with the 30-odd people present for this new Smart Morning, shared with us the story of how his thermodynamics course changed over time, a story that led to a scientific publication...on pedagogy! A beautiful story of the marriage between research and teaching, for better… and only for better!

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  • The first Smart Morning with Olivier Louisnard took place on 13th June 2014 with 32 people present, mostly research fellows and PhD students of Mines Albi. The topic was: “In the age of the MOOC, can we still talk and chalk? “.

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