bio health and powder engineering

In a symbiotic relationship with the world around it, IMT Mines Albi has chosen to specialise in niches of expertise that are both innovative and full of future promise, directly related to its laboratories, its courses and its economic development.


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IMT Mines Albi offers an original training programme directed towards the pharmaceutical and agri-food industries, supported by high-level research on the generation and forming of powders.



Education and training

IMT Mines Albi’s qualified engineers are capable of managing and optimizing production lines, from the transformation of raw materials (crushing, freeze-drying...) to the final forming (granules, soluble powders...).

Undergraduate education

In their 3rd year of study, undergraduate engineers can choose the Bio Health Engineering course with the choice of 2 options:

Agri-bio-health for the food sector Pharma-bio-health for the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sector

Apprenticeship and continuous training

Specialization in the pharmaceutical and health services sectors is offered in the apprenticeship engineering curriculum.

Student pharmacists

A pharmacist-engineer double diploma, over 2 years, is offered to students after their 5th year of pharmacy studies.

Research masters



The researchers of the  RAPSODEE centre are recognized for their expertise in powders and granular materials.

They optimize production processes (grinding, crystallization, atomization...) and forming processes (for example, compression of a pharmaceutical active ingredient into a tablet) of powder products. They work to improve their usage properties (effervescence, dissolution, dispersion, bio-availability).

Economic development

The perfecting of these new production processes for their use in industry is a priority objective for IMT Mines Albi. To this end, the School participates in the Cancer-Bio-Health competitiveness cluster, which is involved in the health and biotechnology sector.

A technology platform in the service of the pharmaceutical industry

The  GALA platform is an exceptional research facility. Set up on the Castres-Mazamet Technopole, it is organised around two axes:

  • a “Processes” component, to develop innovative galenic forms
  •  a “Characterization” component, provided with equipment that is unique in the region

Some examples of economic valorization

  • Between the gaseous and liquid states, supercritical CO2 is used as an alternative, non-toxic and non-inflammable solvent, with numerous applications: extraction of molecules from vegetable matter, synthesis of molecules of pharmaceutical interest, etc.
  • Certain operations, developed in partnership with the Pierre Fabre group, were patented between 2001 and 2005.

Examples of industrial internship tasks

  •  Property tests for an innovative galenic form
  •  Development of a tablet for children

Seed companies

  • designs and manufactures a complete range of innovative solutions adapted to mixing the largest possible variety of raw materials.